Saturday, January 21, 2006

117. Cancelled Basketball

Our school has two basketball teams, one for middle school and one for high school. We were looking forward to having a big tournament here this weekend. Teams were going to fly in from several neighboring villages. They were going to fly in Friday afternoon and stay for two days. (They would sleep in the classrooms. The school cook was going to work the weekend.) We had a pep rally in school Friday morning. Our students spent a lot of time making posters, some cheering on our teams, some welcoming the other teams. Everyone was psyched.
At the last minute, the powers-that-be decided it was too cold for them to fly. –30 F (~ -35 C) is the official cutoff.

Can the games be re-scheduled?
The official word is that the games are never rescheduled, but I am hoping they will be anyway.
Yeesh! I hope so too.
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