Monday, December 12, 2005

97. In a crappy mood

Our Christmas vacation is from Friday December 23rd through Tuesday, January 3rd. I am trying to schedule a trip to Portland to visit my daughter. (Deborah – I miss you). It is hard to fit in a trip in this short a time, when trying to deal with airlines’ schedules. To go out, I have it worked out. I can get a flight out of Deering right after class on Thursday, and transfer in Kotzebue for Anchorage that evening. I would get into Anchorage late that night. Chabad of Anchorage said I could stay with them for Shobbos (which begins at about 2:30 pm). On Sunday I could fly to Portland to visit my daughter. My problem is coming back. The airlines charge a LOT more to fly right around New Years. I could leave on the 2nd, and get in on the 3rd, but that costs about $1200. If I could take two days personal time and fly back the 4th to the 5th, I can save about $500. The school will not let me take the time. The other possibility would be to leave Portland a few days after I get there, and get the lower fare. (That doesn’t leave me time to see my doctor, though. I need to get a blood test and see her a few days later, once she has the results.)
The school wants me to take the “Praxis” exam in science. (This is a test for teaching certification.) I have already passed in advanced math (and also in English, though I forget why I took it in English.) I am currently only certified in math, although I have done student teaching in both math and science. If I pass the Praxis, the district would reimburse me for the cost of the exam itself, although not the cost of flying to some city where the exam is actually given, and the cost of a hotel, which I would need.
They also want m to take classes in “multicultural communication” and in Alaska history. I could try to do that through U.A.F. (University of Alaska, Fairbanks). Once I passed the classes, they would reimburse me for the cost of the tuition. That won’t be a problem, depending on how much I’d have to lay out.
My bathroom has not been working for a few days. Some dirty water is backing up my shower. I’m scared to wash my dishes.
No word yet on when I am getting my satellite dish. I would be bit less annoyed if they hadn’t already charged my credit card (on November 28th!).
I am having trouble with medical insurance. Before I took the job, I was assured we have prescription coverage. Well, now my daughter is trying to get a prescription filled at a pharmacy. It looks like we have coverage through mail order, but not through a pharmacy. My coworkers tell me that we do ha coverage, but I called the company a couple of times to check, and they tell me we do not. (Whoops- correction. The company assures me that we DO have coverage through a pharmacy, but with “100% co-pay”. Orwell would be proud.)
Good news - My magazine subscriptions are finally coming in!!!! A few at least. I have received Newsweek, Lilith, and New York. (I am pretty sure that I never subscribed to New York. Thank you whoever ordered it for me!!!!!). I have not yet received Moment, Ms., Games, Mental Floss, Weekly World News, Discover, More, Smithsonian, Ladies’ Home Journal, Reader’s Digest, and whatever else I can not remember.)
The other good news is that my faithful schnauzer is still adoring. (I heard a prayer somewhere – “G-d, help me to become the person my dog thinks I am”.
Well, good night. Maybe I’ll feel cheerier in the morning.

Very complicated. I've been planning a trip to NY. It'll be the first time I've ever taken off during a school year, and I have to go twice. I just got approval from my principal.
It seems like there should be a third way to solve this, without you missing classes or paying the extra five hundred zops.
Can't see what it might be, though.

I think the Alaska history class sounds like a great opportunity, but would you have to go to Fairbanks for courses, or do them via internet?

Your weather square says 30 below. true?
I assume it is via the internet.

Yup, I think the weather square is correct. t is about 30 below, I think. Not much wind though, kaynahara.
you really should do the Alaska history course .. it makes you way more marketable .. should you want to ever work in another Alaska school district.
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