Saturday, December 10, 2005

96. SOS (Save our Schnauzer)

I am planning to leave Max with my ex in Anchorage for a few days while I go down to Portland to visit my daughter. Well, my ex plans to GET HIM A HAIRCUT! Max has a nice insuating coat, and Stephen wants to hae it cut off. PLEASE HELP ME PREVENT THIS!!!!!!!!! Max is a bush dog who needs his hair to stay warm. Let my ex know that we will not stand for this. G-d gave Max fur for a reason. The AKC believes schnauzers should have this really stupid haircut with the fur on the back really short while the fur on the tummy and legs is long. Max does not need a mullet! I can't understand why he cares; if Max does not have the "right" hair cut, arethe other schnauzers going to make fun of him? (Actually, there are no other schnauzers in Deering.) Max’s first concern is to stay arm and his second concern is to be cute for me. He can do both of these better with long hair!!!!
(picures - Standing on his hind legs, running in the snow, yawning)

Anyone who has any sense at all can see why Max needs his furry coat. IfStephen has it cut off for life in Deering, he risks the wrath of all Schnauzerdom!!!
Now lets be fair here!!! Schnauzers are handsome dogs that should look their absolute best because they deserve it! They also really are uncomfortable if their hair gets matted.

Doesn't Max deserve to have the same excellent conformation my schnauzers have!

max should look his absolute cutest, which he already does. look at the pictures again.
"Cute" is in the eye of the beholder. In order for Max to enjoy being cute - however he perceives it - he must be able to avoid freezing!!!
I agree he doesn't need a haircut, a good brushing everyday will keep him from matting....but his oomiks could use a trim.
This has nothing to do with Max.....
Did I read the weather forecast correctly? Friday and Saturday forecast highs near 25 ?? Wow. You can go outside and run around in a tee-shirt!

I wonder if there is a schnauzer webring and if so, you should link to it.

*Tail waggle*
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