Friday, December 09, 2005

95. Q & A II

Answers to questions I’ve been asked:

Q. Is Deering so far west it’s east?

A. No. To get east you have to go further west, like to the Aleutians.

Q. Are there bluffs? I looked up some stuff about Deering and saw something about bluffs.

A. Yes, there are bluffs to the west of town. See picture. I think people are buried there.

Q. What are you doing without television?

A. Desperately trying to get TV!!! I ordered a dish to be sent, so I can get satellite TV. The satellite people are out of dishes at the moment, however, so they can’t send me anything. (They did not let that fact stop them from charging my credit card, however.)

Q. What kosher meat is available in Deering?

A. None in Deering. The school staff gets together and puts in a bulk order from Anchorage ordered through some service that puts orders together. Through them I can get Sinai 48 polish sausages and Sinai 48 dinner franks. Those are those HUGE hotdogs I love!!

Q. Can I get a Deering School T-shirt?

A. No, there are no school shirts. Thee are Deering sweatshirts and t-shirts available, however. They say “Deering Alaska” on them and have a bear paw print. See picture.

Q. How is Max doing with the cold?

A. Max is doing fine. He loves going outside and running in the snow.

Q. When are they going to add you to the school website?

A. Good question. But the website includes people who don’t work there anymore, so it balances out.

Q. Are you closer to Russia or Canada?

A. I'm not sure.

A belated Happy Birthday to you, Amy! And thanks for the additional details about living in the remote North!

I would think that the food and television situation would be harder to adapt to than the cold of winter and the remoteness.

One of the hardships my family found is living overseas (in very civilized countries) was the loss of variety in food shopping as well as the number of convenience foods that hadn't found the overseas markets at that time. The evaporation of TV as we knew it was a close second.

You don't have a satellite dish yet. Nor, I would imagine, is there cable TV. Doesn't that get you down to a dial-up service at home or else having to rely on access from school or a library? I'd quickly be counting the days til the dish is supposed to arrive. I'd also be wondering what to do with myself at night. That must be where Max is worth his weight in gold!

Perhaps the lack of conveniences is a blessing instead. You develop strong friendships in the community in their absence.

The closing words, Amy .... MORE pictures! I look forward to them, and also to your words.
You are much closer to Russia than Canada
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