Thursday, December 08, 2005

94. Harpooned Seal

A while back, a family harpooned a seal. They use the whole seal, or pretty close. (The seal is used for subsistence, not for a trophy.) The meat is eaten, the fat is eaten, the skin is made into clothes, the oil is burned for light. Here are some pictures from cutting up the seal. (I didn’t post these at the time because I misplaced the pictures.)

1. The seal insides, still on the skin. If you look, you can see the paws, still with the fur on it.

2. Cutting the layer of fat away from the skin

3. The birds feast on the bits of the seal that the people cannot use.

I did not post the picture of the blood covered seal head. Thank me.

"Thank you" :-)
you harpooned a poor innocent seal?!!!
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