Wednesday, December 07, 2005

93. Thanksgiving

…..Thanksgiving went very well. My brother, his wife, and their two kids came out. My brother was reluctant to come – he pictured everyone hovering around a small heater huddles together for warmth (I think he was thinking of those scenes in March of the Penguins). Some guy here gave them rides on his snowmobile, we all went for a walk out on the ocean, I showed them around the town, and we saw some northern light, but they are not good yet. We visited some people here.
…..One family we visited (Chip & Agnes and their 7 kids) had lots of interesting stuff like mammoth tusks and the skull of a musk ox. Blair said it was like visiting a museum where you are allowed to touch.
…..We got together with some other teachers from the school for Thanksgiving dinner. I brought a noodle kugel (see post 77) and chocolate cake. A few of the teachers brought turkeys, and others brought other stuff.
…..Marc and Blair also brought me some Ring Dings (why are Drakes Cakes not available in the West?) and some warm pants.
…..Max was happy to eat up whatever food the kids spilled.
…..They were well equipped for the cold. Blair believes “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes.”
…..Pictures are of my nephew playing on the Arctic Ocean.

The schnauzer loving masses (some of them armed and most all of them having easier distribution to good quality dark chocolate than they do in Deering) are getting impatient for Max pictures.
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