Tuesday, December 06, 2005

91. Good news anyone?

The global studies teacher was making a list of headline events from 2005. I was helping him (or at least hanging over his shoulder while he was working). We realized that all he had were negative. I tried to find positive headline stories from 2005. All I found were:
* first face transplant
* civil war ends in Indonesian province of Aceh
*Sudan ended two-decade long civil war
*Nick & Jessica finally broke up so now the obsessive media speculation will end
Anyone have anything else we can add?

Iraq holds elections?
Iraqi government passes a constitution.
Try the Good News Blog, Amy.

NPR Morning Edition, April 28, 2005·
A group of wildlife scientists believe the ivory-billed woodpecker is not extinct. They say they have made seven firm sightings of the bird in central Arkansas. The landmark find caps a search that began more than 60 years ago, after biologists said North America’s largest woodpecker had become extinct in the United States.
This isn't exactly world-shaking, but I think it's wonderful. It was reported on Animal Planet channel: A parakeet in Japan got lost when its owner left a door open and it flew out. It landed on a neighboring balcony. The woman who found the parakeet took him to a friend who teaches kindergarten, to be adopted by the class. But the parakeet told the class his name nad address, so he was reunited with his owner.
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