Thursday, December 22, 2005

104. Nyaahhh nyaahhh

Hey, NYers, How are you getting to work today? I have a 2 minute walk!!!

(I remember the subway strike of 1980. I was in HS. I went to Stuyvesant, a school that got students from all over the city. Only about 3 students showed up for each class. I made it to school by staying with a friend who lived in Greenwich Village. Our history teacher told us stories about his growing up during the depression, and was actually interesting for the only time that year. Imma, a confession: Eve and I cut classes one of the days and went to play pool. Our math teacher recommended the pool hall.)

I remember that strike very fondly. Of course the 1980 strike was in April when it was gorgeous and not in December, when it is pretty unpleasant by our delicate new york standards (a day at the beach for y'all in Alaska, i'm sure).

I was remembering that more kids made it to school than that--now I'm not sure--I know lots did talk about walking or cycling over the bridges.
We did NOT cut class! It was a shortened day, and we played pool after class. I think.
I just discovered your blog!

My brother wants to live in Alaska, or at least he did a few years ago.

I live in NYC, but the strike barely affected me since i work in New Jersey, and the Jersey Transit buses weren't on strike.
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