Sunday, December 18, 2005

101. Follow up

Thank you for sending me the NYC subway maps, bus map, and bicycle trail map!
Because of your comments (and the phoned-in threat) my ex has agreed not to Max a haircut, except to get any mats removed.
I realized that the plane reservations had me getting in to Kotzebue on the 1st, but the small local airlines that fly from Kotzebue to Deering do not fly on New Year's day. So I gave in and got the more expensive tickets, getting me home the day before school starts, IY"H. It still does not give me enough time to see a doctor in Portland, the way I could have if I stayed two days longer.
Still have not received the satellite dish.

wow...alaska...never been there
speaking of subways maps, here is hoping that Bloomburg and Pataki have the cajones to do to the striking NYC Transit Workers Union what Reagan did to PATCO. Can you imagine how many people would apply for jobs that a monkey with some training could do .. for 50 plus k per year.
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