Monday, November 28, 2005

89. Photos................II

I have trouble getting pictures to stay where I put them on the page, so I will just tell you about the pictures and hope you can figure out which picture is which.

1. PE class

2. Musk ox

3. Karla (L) and Gilford (R) pose for the camera

4. The eastern third of town. I took this from the 2nd floor of the school, which I think is the only 2nd floor in town. The ocean is on the left, the river on the right. My house is a little bit past the red house on the opposite side od the road from everyone else.

5. Rod (the principal) reading to the class (Where the Red Fern Grows)

Love these pictures! I like being able to visualize whereyou are.
Why no pictures of Max?

My tail is NOT wagging :(
Re other Jews in Northern Alaska, the chiropractor and his wife in Barrow are Jewish, and have been there since spring of 2003.
Is there a kosher butcher in Northern Alaska who sells bear meat? I'd like to try some.
No. Bear meat can never be kosher. Thus no kosher butcher would be selling it.

Caribou can be kosher. But the animal would have to killed a certain way, and then processed a certain way. You'd also need a mashgiach (or a few) so that the meat is never unaccounted for (and therefore never made nonkosher. I doubt you'll find all this in Northern Alaska.
If I lived in Deering I would get a ladder and straighten out the flag in the gym.

Are you craving meat? Is anonymous #2 another Jew in northern Alaska or is he trying to be funny? (I'm guessing it's a he, sorry if I'm wrong.)
mzn - the flag in the gym looks ok, if you see it in person - the Alaskan flag is on the other side at the opposite angles, so their positions are reflections of each other. My photograph kind of takes it out of context.
Ah, your explanation makes it better.
Giraffe meat can be kosher if the animal is properly slaughtered. I bet you won't find that at any butcher shop in Alaska -- nor in Flatbush either.
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