Friday, November 25, 2005

86. Weather Report III

We had a heat wave today - It was almost 10 F !!! ( -12 C) VERY windy, though.
The day today was 4 hrs, 46 minutes. Tomorrow will be about 7 minutes shorter.

My prediction is that while you will probably make it through to the end of the school year, you will bail out shortly thereafter.

It's that condesending tone to your posts that make me think this.

Some people have what it takes to make it around here, and some people don't. That's ok. Everybody is different.

While you are shaking your head and clucking your tongue about the dirty village, lack of facilities and all the other shortcoming of life in the northwest arctic we will be exploring the beautiful countryside on snowmachines, fishing, stargazing, hunting, and making our own fun.

When people told you that the tone of your blog could offend people, they were right. When someone goes to New York City and says that they think it is a stinking dump most people do not take offense. When you live in a city of 8 million people it is hard to take offense at comments like that.....but when you live in a village of 145 people, and this village is the center of your existance, the core of your belief system, and very likely the only place you have ever lived, you tend to take comments like that a bit more personally.

However, this is your blog and you are entitled to your opinions.
Amy - Just letting you know that I do not agree with anonymous. You sound honest, but not unhappy with the city. I get the impression that you like the people where you are, and that makes the city. I am envious that you get to experience this. The cold would do me in though. I can also tell from other people's posts that they also think you like it there.
Anonymous – You raise some good points, and I would like to do them justice with an actual post, rather than just dashing off something here.
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