Wednesday, November 16, 2005

76. Quitting my job!!!

Guess what!!!! I can quit my job! Apparently there is some guy from the Sudan who had to leave his country due to political problems and he left behind a fortune. He can not get it (I did not really understand why) but as an American I can. All I have to do is pay a few little fees, and the government will turn over the account worth billions in US dollars and he will give me 20% of the account. I’m set for life. (Boy, am I lucky that out of all the Americans with e-mail he specifically chose me to contact!) Goodby working world! Next post is from a beach in Hawaii. I won’t even care if I get sand in my laptop since I plan to get a new laptop every day.

Might be a scam, beware, lots of people get e-mails like that.
Oh, don't worry, he sounded honest in his e-mail.
LOL, Amy! I don't know how many variations of that letter I could sent you. 10...20... That letter is now one of the major sources of foreign income for Nigeria. Lots of info is available from the Snopes Urban Legends page.

I'd bet you knew that all along, LOL.
Here's a change of subject for you, Amy.

I don't thing you've told us what you do for television in Deering. Satellite? Cable (surely not)?

I heard an ad for a program on the Discovery Channel that made me think of you. 'Sub-zero temperature environment is slowing the construction of the world's longest railroad tunnel...Tonight on the Discovery Channel'.

With your math/science orientation and with sub-zero temperatures a part of your environment, I thought you'd enjoy the program. It's on at "8 Eastern". I don't know if/how this translates to a tv schedule in Deering.

I found a URL for that program:

Times are 11/16 8 pm (et/pt) and 11/17 12 am (et/pt)
Dad got two similar emails from Nigeria recently. There mustbe some nuts who bite.
If there are nuts who bite, then please warn the squirrels
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