Tuesday, November 15, 2005

74. Ideas, anyone

I am in charge of the foyer bulletin board for December. Given that:
A. I am not going to do a Christmas theme
B. The dangers of FAS were covered last month
does anyone have any suggestions?

Something mathy would be nice, but that is not a requirement.

What is FAS?
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Yiddish map of Alaska!!!!
schnauzer pictures
Since you asked what FAS is -

A handy website to know is www.acronymsearch.com . You type in an acronym and it tells you what it stands for. It is pretty complete - especially since I was bored for a while last summer and spent a few days looking for acronyms they didn't have and e-mailing them in.
AK has several meanings beyond Alaska, but www.acronymsearch.com doesn't tell us about Alte K----, which is what most of us would probably think of first.
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