Sunday, November 13, 2005

70. Gas prices

So, what are the current gas prices up to out there? (Actually, I really am curious.) In Deering, gas is $3.80 a gallon. That is on the low side for the villages here. The high is Shungnak, where gas is $6.09. There is no gas station here. If you want gas, you go to the city office, and they take your money and give you a key to the gas tanks and you fill your ATV tank.

The price of gas down here is in the $2.00-$2.05 per gallon range for regular unleaded. Premium unleaded is about 20 cents higher.
$2.50 for regular, $2.70 for premium in Flushing, Queens, as of last night.
2.45-2.55 per gallon here in Anchorage.

p.s. you should contact the Chabad people in Anchorage asap, both for the Chanukah thing, plus the people here might be curious about your life in Deering.
just filled up for $1.97 here in South Jersey (Nov 12)
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