Saturday, November 12, 2005

69. My Letter to the Editor III

So, the president of Iran wants Israel "wiped off the map." Out of curiosity -- is Israel even on maps in Iran?
(above was published in today's Anchorage Daily News)
note - When I lived in NYC in the 80s, I used to pass the office for Royal Jordanian Airlines. They had a large map of the Middle East in their window. Israel was not on the map. Jordan, however, had a lot of coastline along the Mediterranean. (I was so tempted to play stupid and go in and ask about making reservations for some resort along the coast.)

this has nothing to do with your entry for today, but i haven't read your blog for a while.
Your science question was vague. The answer for the largest volcano in the solar system is Oylmpus Mons, and the largest volcano on earth is Mauna loa.
Anyway, I teach science in a tiny orthodox high school in NJ and recently told my students (18 in all, all ultra orthodox kids) about your blog. the history teacher clued me on to your blog and both of us read it now. maybe one or more of the kids will start reading it and contact you. If they do maybe some of your students would like to correspond.... providing my kids have time and energy... they go to school from 8am to 6;15 pm straight through! religious school runs from 8 to 1 and secular school runs 4 days a week in the afternoons 2 to 6:15 when we teach the usual subjects.
this is probably too long, so rather than put you to sleep I will write another reply some other time.
good luck keeping warm.
Marty Weiss,


If any of your students have any questions, they can feel free to post them and I will try to either answer them myself, or ask someone. (Yes, I realize that I have not answered some questions that have already been posted, but I will.) I will also e-mail you, so you can e-mail me any questions you don't want to post.

Am I correct in assuming your school is all boys?
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