Saturday, November 12, 2005


.....OK, my mother and my brother both said I need to watch what I say on this blog or I might offend someone, but I don't care. It is either rant here or go downstairs and murder Craig. And to be honest, I don't guarantee that I won't do both.
…..Last weekend I went to Kotzebue and took got a bunch of really good pictures. Bob, the HAM radio guy drove me all around the town for hours, including the beach and some other out-of-the-way places so I could get pictures of the town and the sunset. He took me to some out-of-town hills so I could get a couple of great pictures of the entire town with the ocean in the background. Some pictures I wanted to keep, one was for Stephen, some I wanted to post here.
…..The school is having an overnight activity and Gilford, a student here, wanted to take some pictures. I showed him how to use my camera and let him take some pictures. There are two adults supervising here, me and Craig. I am watching the students upstairs and Craig was watching the students downstairs. Well, that moron Craig didn’t like some picture Gilford took or something, so he took my camera away from Gilford and tried to delete the picture.
…..According to Craig “Well, I didn’t know the right button to press” so he pressed a bunch of buttons and accidentally deleted all my pictures. How could a human being be that stupid?????? If you don't know what button to press, you don't press any button! DUH!!!! To delete all the pictures, you have to actually scroll down to where it says, "Erase all". What part of "Erase all" is too cryptic for an English-speaking adult to understand? Then it has you verify it!!! (Proof of the saying "If you make items idiot-proof, along will come bigger idiots.") And where the hell does he get the nerve to take my camera and start pressing buttons in the first place?!?!
…...And yes, I realize that someone may come across this post and hold it against me. They would probably be more upset at me, however, if I murdered Craig. I don’t see why, though, it would just be adding a little chlorine to the gene pool.
.....I also feel really bad - I had borrowed the flashcard from another teacher and it still had his photographs from a school trip to San Francisco. I think he had already copied the photographs to his computer, but I am not sure. He trusted me with his flashcard. (I need to buy a flashcard but I can not tell online which ones are compatable with my camera, so I am waiting until December when I go to Portland to replace the card.)

I understand your desire to rant. But it is not necessary to do so via your blog. Remember what Hillel told the man who challenged him to teach him Judaism while he stood on one foot? One of the main precepts of Jewish behavior is to avoid embarrassing others.
Venting is good for the soul, Amy -- and it really does beat having a stroke from high blood pressure. I think even Craig could smile (guiltily) after reading your blog.
Suddenly two comments appeared when I had only submitted one.

I'd concede that Sympathetic is correct in terms of "precepts of Jewish behavior". However, imo, venting is a positive in terms of one's own mental health. Internalizing frustrations can lead to long-term resentment and grudges. Not good!

There are ways to 'vent' and ways not to 'vent'. You were not the least bit mean-spirited, Amy. I'll support you. :-)
My friend Ari says there are programs available online that can help retrieve "deleted" photos from a card.

I would bet, however, that they are most likely to be effective before you take new photos.
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