Tuesday, November 08, 2005

62. Miscellany on Miscellaneous (or should that be the other way around?)

……On Deering
…The school here does not close on Columbus Day. I didn’t think anything of it, I just figured that they try to keep days off to a minimum so that thy school year can end earlier. OK, I’m slow sometimes. When that occurred to me, I asked the principal. He pointed out that the theme of Columbus “discovering” America is not that popular among the Native population. There were already people there.
...The general consensus around Alaska is that Deering is the nicest native village in the area. It is not the most aesthetically pleasing, but it is known for having the friendliest people.
…I just noticed that my house (and a lot of houses) do not have front porch lights. This does not seem like a good idea in a town where it is often dark during the day and front steps are likely to be ice covered.
…I don’t have satellite TV yet, so I just get one channel. It seems to pick the shows it televises at random. Last night, I got Medium, from NBC. Tonight we get House, which I think is FOX.
…….On Math & Science
…I just read that Pluto has 3 known moons. Since when? (Yes, I know, since May, that is what the article said.) No one tells me anything. (Let me guess, you are thinking some sarcastic remark about how in the future the Hubble telescope will be sure to telegraph me personally.)
…”The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers” does not list 6.022x10^23. I will write to the author. He does add to the book from one version to the next. Still a fascinating book.
…I don’t think it is possible to checker a Rubix cube with an even number of blocks in each direction.
…….On Israel and Jews
…I started a good rant about Israel’s exclusion from the International Red Cross, but I haven’t finished it, so it will get it s own section.
…Since the TV is so crummy here, I’ve been spending more time on the internet. Found some great Jewish Joke websites. At some point I’ll make a collection of my favorite jokes.
…..On Women and Feminism
….I actually sided with the husband in a sitcom argument. On “Everybody Loves Raymond”, Raymond was complaining that he does not get to make any decisions. Finally he takes initiative and goes shopping and his wife gets upset because be bought the wrong tissues in the box that does match the bathroom. Come on, women, if your husband actually does something around the house, encourage him, and who gives a damn about matching bathroom accessories!!
…..On Max
…When I got Max he had this stupid popular-among-schnauzer-breeder mullet hairstyle. It is growing out. He looks so much cuter!!! He looks like a teddy bear.
…Out of the 12 paragraphs in this blog, I began 6 of them with the word “I”. What does that say?

hey, whose blog is it?
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