Monday, October 31, 2005

54. My letter to the editor II

It looks as though having a baby can cause a strain in a couple's marriage, according to your article "Three's a crowd where parents' romance is concerned, survey shows" (Oct. 20). Among the findings: Over two-thirds of the fathers say that their wives don't pay as much attention to them as they used to, leaving many of the men jealous and resentful. Seventy-five percent of mothers feel too tired for sex while only 28 percent of fathers feel that way, and half of fathers feel sexually neglected.
I have a suggestion. This idea is extremely radical, which may be why this has not occurred to them. Perhaps the fathers could help their wives with the babies. (Having a baby takes a lot more time than most full-time jobs.) If the fathers helped more, the mothers might be able to get more rest, feel better, be more in the mood for sex and have more time to give their husbands some attention.
Isn't it worth a try?
(Printed in today's Anchorage Daily News)

The teeming masses here want SCHNAUZER pictures.

Get to it!
And PEOPLE pictures - especially of your students!!!
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