Sunday, October 23, 2005

46. Happy Mole Day !!!

In honor of Mole Day, everyone should send me a mole of M&Ms.

For your Mole Day shopping pleasure:

History of Mole Day:

Nominate someone for Mole of the Year:

A dictionary of Mole terms and a collection of mole jokes:

National Mole Day Foundation Inc.:

Some other Mole Day page:

Mole song (have your speakers on):

How much would it cost to send a mole of M&Ms?
October 23rd is also "Vampire Day" in Transylvania.

Donate blood to the local blood bank so the vampires don't get it.

Then go watch "30 Days of Night".
Set in a small town in far-north Alaska, where the depths of winter is plunged into a night which lasts for 30 days, and some unwelcomed guests with fangs have come to stay. It's up to the local Sheriff and Deputy and a husband and wife team to save the town from the horde of bloodsuckers.

It's getting late here. I'm going to spread my wings and move on. :-)
What is the atomic weight of M&M's?
re your question: What is the atomic weight of M&M's?

More than 1,753.28
So, about four pounds?

man, these word verifications are HARD--helpful, though--I added them too.
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