Wednesday, October 19, 2005

43. Weather Report II

We are having a heat wave today: 40° F, with little wind. It probably doesn't sound like it, but it is very nice out. In a moment I will take Max for a long walk on the beach, if I can stop coughing long enough. The day is 9 hours, 8 minutes long. Days are getting shorter by a bit over 7 minutes per day.
In case you are interested, Vostok (NOT to be confused with Vostok Island) is -70° F (-57°C). And it is SUMMER there. Their day today is 22 hours, 9 minutes long.

Amy, sometimes you inspire me -- in this case to find out something about Wostok.

There is a wonderful short BBC article about the trials of living/working at Vostok.

Just in case the end of the URL get buried beneath the right column, the URL ends with

Btw, as a non-blogger, I do wonder if you get notified of comments to "old" postings or if you have to scroll down manually to find whether any have been added.
When you begin the blog, you can decide if you want to be e-mailed if you get comments.
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