Tuesday, October 18, 2005

41. My kvetching again

.....I am having problems getting my prescriptions filled. We don't have a doctor here, just a clinic. The clinic sends information to a doctor in Kotzebue who gets back to them within 2 hours. Last week I told them I needed a prescription filled. They said that it had to be ordered from Kotzebue and orders come n every Wednesday. I wasn’t thrilled about having to wait a week, but I figured it was my fault for waiting to get the prescription filled and for cutting it so close. So I went back today with a list of all my prescriptions. They faxed the list to the doctor’s office. The doctor’s office faxed back a note saying that they are not a retail drug store and they don’t fill orders from any other doctor. So now I have to miss a day of work and pay for round trip airfare to Kotzebue to see their doctor. Also, they don’t carry a lot of the medications I am taking. I am looking into mail order. Tomorrow morning I will call the office of the school district to ask what insurance I have to give to the mail order people once I find some. And if the people in the clinic here know their asses from their elbows, they could have told me this LAST week. I am on Aderall for ADD, and I don’t know how I can get that through mail order, since doctors can not write prescriptions with refills for that, and doctors can not just call in prescriptions.
…..BTW, in case you are wondering, in Kotzebue they always have a helicopter ready to take the doctor to a town if someone has a heart attack or something. Still, I would not live here if I was old.
…..And Portland Public Schools has decided not to pay me $1,700 they owe me, but that is another story.

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