Sunday, October 09, 2005

30. To my daughter I

Go help PSU build their sukkah!
Building the Sukkah, Monday, Oct. 17th, 4 - 7pm: Come build PSU's FIRST EVER Sukkah on the Park Blocks in front of Portland State University Branford P. Millar Library, 1875 SW Park. If you are a Sukkah building veteran or have never even seen one before, come join us for SNACKS and to help us build and decorate. After it is up, we will light the holiday candles. Bring a friend, it's FREE!

Has Deering ever had a sukkah? I suppose it's not late enough in the year where you could build one with a snow roof or one that's like an open-sided igloo. :-)

I doubt it. I am probably the first Jew to be here. But sometimes they do have a lot of snow by Sukkot.
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