Tuesday, September 20, 2005

4. Grrrr

I am really getting annoyed. When I spoke to the principal at the high school, he told me that if I needed an advance, I should speak to him. Well, I do. I e-mailed him on Thursday. On Friday he told me that his business e-mail was down, so I sent the e-mail to his home address. On Monday, he told me to speak to the vice administrator or something-or-other of the school system, and he (the principal) would tell the administrator-whatever that I was going to call. I called the administrator and left a voice mail message asking him to call me. He did not call. Today I waited and then called and left a voice mail message. I also e-mailed him. When I didn't hear from him again, I e-mailed the principal, but I haven't heard from him either. In the meantime, there are 3(!) more weekdays left, and I have to take care of a lot and I don’t have the money My parents are lending me some money, but I shouldn’t have to ask them. I also don’t know if it will be enough, but I was scared to ask for more. My mother was not happy. It is not just a matter of moving expenses (they did order the airline ticket, which I have not yet received, BTW) but of getting a lot of stuff now that I can’t do during the year. I have to get a lot of dental work done this week (Today I got $670 worth of dental work done, and I need more on Friday, with insurance covering about 50%). I need to take the animals to the vet to get an OK to travel, I need to get sneakers and some pants because I can not get those without trying them on, I want to go to Costco and get some food because they don’t sell much there. I also need to pay COBRA for my insurance for me and my daughter since Portland Public School insurance runs out at the end of September, and Deering insurance doesn’t kick in until November. I also have to get phone service and DSL and cable started, and I am not sure how much everyone will want.
While I’m at it, I am trying to get medicine for my ADD. I think that if I could get it under control, I would have a lot fewer problems. A lot of my trouble last year was that I could not get my grading done for hours and then I was up late and did not get enough sleep. I spoke to my doctor and got a prescription for some ADD medication whose name I forgot but I think it starts with A. Well, my insurance company doesn’t normally cover this medication for adults. It costs a lot without the insurance coverage. I need my doctor to speak to the insurance company. I called my doctor’s office on Friday to ask them to call my insurance company. They said that I needed my drug store to fax them a request. The pharmacist said that is ridiculous, but finally they agreed to humor me and fax a note to my doctor. Yesterday, (Monday), I asked my doctor’s office if they spoke to my insurance company and they said they have a 3 day turnaround. I asked if they could do it asap, since I am leaving this weekend, and they gave me a definite maybe. They told me that they will call my insurance, and my insurance company will make a decision and call my drug store who will then call me them (my doctor) who will then call me. I called my doctor’s office today to see if they called, and they said they’d call me back and never did.
Thanks for letting me vent.

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