Wednesday, September 28, 2005

23. Greetings from an internet kiosk in the Anchorage airport

.....Well, I'm off. I have a six hour layover in Anchorage which might give me a chance to get some food packaged to ship, except that the layover is from midnight to 6 am.
.....I was getting all the last minute shopping done. Fred Meyer's (hypersupermarket), Michael's (crafts store), Target (whatever it is), Payless (cheap shoes), Petco (pet supplies), etc. I realized in the middle that I really ought to appreciate this, since it is probably the last time in a long time that I can shop and buy whatever I want (within limits). But I was too rushed to appreciate it.
.....I got little booties for Max (my schnauzer). They are red fake-suede, with fleece lining and waterproof bottoms. I wanted to get the matching red fake-suede jacket with fleece lining, but they were out of his size. I got him a hooded sweatshirt.
.....I had everything packed to go in boxes to take on the plane, but then my parents who were helping me decided I should take the minimum with me and they would Fedex the rest. It does make it much easier (MUCH!) especially since I have Max with me. But I went through everything so fast to put all the immediate necessities into the box I'm taking that I think I forgot some stuff I need like toothpaste and the leash.
.....Deering does not get cell phone service. I tried to call to get a land line put in. However, the principal thought that all I have to do is call the phone service in Deering and tell them that I am moving into Joe Schmoe's house and they would flip the right switch. Well, I called them and they said I have to go through the main office in Kotzabue. Well, the office in Kotzabue does not know Joe Schmoe, and the people in Deering do not know the actuall address of Joe Schmoe's house. So I won't have any phone service or internet access for a bit. Also, I fear, no TV!!!! SO, y'all will hear from me whan you hear from me (tautology).

Maybe Deering has an internet cafe, or an internet yert or something.

I really liked the virtual tour of the town, especially the quote "This is the counter where we pay for stuff." and the interview with the school cook.

Can't wait to hear more! You are (soon to be literally) the coolest person I know!
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