Monday, September 26, 2005

21. D-day -1

Well, the school district finally let me in on little secrets like my salary and when my insurance begins.

My parents have decided to sell my sweet little wonderful house.

I am still trying to get the medicine. I have made a whole bunch of calls to my doctor’s office, the pharmacy, and the insurance company. Everyone blames someone else, no one gives a damn, they are all just brushing me off. The doctor’s office is trying out a new computer system that does not seem to be working, so they have me on hold for about 10 minutes each time I call, which the recording also blames on “heavy volume” but if they ALWAYS have heavy volume, maybe its just normal volume. The computer system at the insurance company keeps asking a bunch of multiple-choice questions, my answer is rarely one of the choices, and the computer does not like my New York Accent. I am on hold with one of the three right now, and I forgot who. No one is willing to contact anyone else to try to help, they just blame each other. I think the trouble lies with my insurance company.

Someone let out Fuzzbutt again

I want to go buy some jeans tomorrow and some sneakers. Shirts I can always buy over the internet. Also socks and underwear.

I’d better go make a list of everything I have to do last minute. Ta-ta until tomorrow.

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