Monday, September 26, 2005

20. Write to me please!!!!!!

The Northernmost Jew
Deering, AK 99736

alaska is probably the most dangerous backward european population on earth.

i ran for us senate against frank for my efforts i was given 5 years in jail and i am not allowed to run again. jeffrey gottlieb md/

yeah they gave me kosher food in jail usually. a happy safe kosher pesach

both my parents were teachers my dad at cuny and bk tech he taught physics ran wnyc radio gave monthly lectures on enviroment concerns after he retired at bk campus. mom taught jhs history. i ran the the green ticket received about 3000 votes i think more than any other 3rd party canidate since. primary was sept3 search warrent sept 28 1998 day after r hoshana arrested may 1 2000 called a communist by ted stevens as quoted by k brown on k bear radio. i am shomer shabos and belong to o-u and y i.

i would suggest that any decent person have as little to do with this hitler-stalin loving garbage dump as possible.
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