Friday, September 16, 2005

2. Deering

Deering, Alaska was established in 1901 as a center for gold mining.
Current population 136, so I guess I’ll make 137.
Longitude -163.015543, latitude 65.784125
Land Area: 4,063,706 square meters
Length of day 12/21/05 2 hrs, 42min
On June 21, the day is 24 hours
44 students in the school K-12
area 13.3 square kilometers, 5.2 square miles

I don't understand. Shouldn't the longest dasy be the same length as the longest night? Is it because of the tilt of the earth's axis?
that's what i thought too. i will try to find someone to ask about it.
I would guess it has to do with diffusion of light. It gets light before sunrise and stays light a while after sunset. If they're counting a day as the time it's light (rather than the span from sunrise to sunset), then you won't have symmetry. If there's another (better) explanation, I'd like to know it.
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