Sunday, September 25, 2005

17. D-day -2

I leave in 2!! days, and am losing my mind.

My father bought me a new computer, so I don’t have to drag along the old laptop (which was held together by duct tape!). He also got me a smaller printer, so I can travel with it more easily. (Also, the old printer uses a parallel port, which new computers don’t have.) And he bought me a really nice warm winter jacket.

Packed up all my Judaica stuff: a Lenox seder plate my mother gave me twenty years ago, that I have used about 4 times, since I mostly go to my parents for the seder (maybe I should take it with me and have people fly to me for the northernmost seder in North America and invite that guy in Barrow?), a whole lot of benchers some from events I was at, and some I have no idea where they came from (who are Naomi and Darren?), a brand new Chanukiyah I just bought when the candle store near me went out of business, a lot of fancy Chanukah candles (some made in Tzfat, some in Brooklyn, some made in China), a havdalah candle I never knew I had, besamim from a havdalah service bar/bat mitzvah for twins, several hagaddahs that my brother and his wife gave me, and a whole bunch of mezuzah covers. I have to pick out what to take with me. I just realized that my best challah cover, hand embroidered by some Jew in Ethiopia, is at the dry cleaners, along with my favorite dress.

I have to take my cats to the vet for health checkups so they can travel (I already took my dog) but I can’t find Fuzzbutt.

The icemaker in my freer decided to malfunction and the water just keeps pouring into the icemaker and overflowing. I am home to find my kitchen beneath four inches of water. I will call someone tomorrow to come look at it, who will probably need to get a part and who knows when he could come back.

There was a headache with the tickets. Finally my ex ordered tickets for me with his miles.

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