Thursday, September 22, 2005

10. Grrrr update update

The school district can not advance me money for moving expenses (other than the cost of the ticket). On one hand, I can certainly understand; they don’t know me from a hole in the wall and I could just take the money and disappear and they would have a hard time suing me from Deering. On the other hand, I have expenses associated with the move, and no money at the moment. I have to get the animals certified to travel, ship a bunch of stuff (and shipping to Deering is EXPENSIVE!!), pay to take the animals on the plane, and pay any expenses for getting things set up there like cable television and phone service and DSL, and whatever. I borrowed some money from my parents, but it will not be enough, especially since I have other normal expenses too, including my daughter’s rent and getting food to take with me. My ex-husband is now taking a cash advance on his credit card so I can have some money to use (and taking a cash advance is expensive with a fee and a higher interest rate). The principal had said I could get a cash advance, and I have been trying to get it for a week. If he had told me this a week ago, Stephen could probably have gotten me a rush copy of his credit card and saved us a lot of money. When I tried talking to the principal, he said “We are expecting you on Monday. Figure it out,” or something pretty close to that that I did not memorize. (BTW, they reimburse up to $500 in moving expenses, and the ticket alone costs a good bit more than that.)

They also have not yet told me what my salary will be. I faxed them my transcript on the 13th and they were supposed to get back to me.

I had been expecting a paper ticket to come in the mail. Used to be, if there were more than two legs to a flight, they had to issue a paper ticket. Well, it is an e-ticket, and I was supposed to get a confirmation by e-mail. But I was not expecting it, and I get about three hundred pieced of spam a day, and a lot of them say confirmation in the message line, so I may have deleted it. I have to get another copy of the e-mail.

(a bit later) -
a. I just spoke to the adminstrator. He is REALLY upset about my deleting the e-ticket, but it should not be much trouble. I will call Alaska Airlines.
b. NOW he lets me know that there is a $500 pet-deposit. The principal that I have been dealing with has known for a while that I am bringing pets. He does not know if it is refundable.
c. My psyched-level was really high, but it is diminishing rapidly.

(a bit more later) -
They never gave Alaska Airlines my e-mail address. The confirmation went to one of them. SO THERE!!

(a bit more later)
Screw up with the ticket - it just has me going to Anchorage.

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